Support Services the PGCL Way

To us Support Services are a core business. Making sure that our customers’ non-core business is running seamlessly, and empowering their performance by providing an energetic support team for back and front office functions is what we are all about. PGCL is
a service organization, so we understand how important the right support services are to customers. We support their staff in being efficient and providing a great experience for guests and other staff.

PGCL Support Services includes Front and Back office support, Welfare Facilities and Labor Supply. Across the world, the challenges are the same for Support Services; all companies recognize the importance of a high-quality service, yet to many companies turning fixed costs into flexible is a common driver. 

PGCL has developed ways to meet this classically unsolvable riddle. We have tight frameworks for managing our services that will optimize the relationship between quality and cost. Our unique training programs ensure cultural alignment and allow our customers to not only have access to greatly skilled staff, but also a highly motivated team on board.


Increasingly, organizations are relying on us to provide a range of support services such as cleaning, reception services and building maintenance. They recognize the value of partnering with us to achieve.

Delivering the highest quality and service performance, whilst at the same time relentlessly driving to be the lowest cost, most efficient provider.

We have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of our services, and ensure you are getting the most out of our relationship. These include assessing employee turnover rates, employee engagement, gauging customer experience/ satisfaction, and service efficiency. 

Additionally, here are some examples of key performance indicators for you to discuss with your service provider to ensure the performance of your current Support Services setup:

We develop additional KPIs based on specific customer characteristics and industry requirements.