Pure, Simple & Innovative.

Solving problems with innovative and intelligent products & services is at the heart of what we do.  Making business refreshingly simple, cost-effective and pleasant for our customers is how we do it.

You’ll find intelligent, innovative products & solutions from PGCL at work in many companies across dozens of industry categories from food and beverage processing and chemicals and refining to health care, education, industrial manufacturing and more. PGCL even owns and/or operates and maintains utility plants for energy users.

While our solutions have developed and expanded greatly by the vast experience in the sector for the past many years, we are steadfast in our core values that are entered on faith in God, faith in family and faith in business – in that order. We treat everyone we deal with – customers, business partners, and employees – with respect, honesty and integrity. As a global company, we’re passionate about sustaining the needs of future generations by sharing knowledge and working together to achieve universal goals such as conserving and saving energy.

As companies grow they can become complex and bureaucratic. At PGCL, we empower our people to respond and seize action. No waiting for a decision from someone in the corner office. That’s why we remain one of the swiftest and simplest companies to do business with always.

It all translates to many more enjoyable / innovative experiences for you; Pure and simple.

PGCL provides intelligent products/system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, reduce environmental emissions and reducing overall operating costs while providing an “enjoyable experience.”



Our vision is to be the world leader in Energy, utility and facility management services.


Our mission is to provide innovative and highest quality products and solutions to maximize customer’s competitive position at the least possible cost to make them delighted.

Our Core Values:

  • Environment & Safety
  • Innovation
  • Highest quality
  • Integrity
Petrosa Global Concepts Ltd.( PGCL) desires to facilitate you accomplish your utility and energy cost-reduction goals. By supplying advanced products and customizing our Maintenance Services, we stabilize or lower your overall utility/production expenses. Our goal is to implement innovative, cost-effective, relevant, dependable solutions and best practices that will maximize efficiency in the face of rising operational costs.

Core Area: Energy & Facility Management

To do this, we have established our business operates in four, self-supporting manner

Operations & Maintenance

Premium Services

Quality Products