We promote Genus and Luminous brand Inverters from India.


Genus high quality Sine Wave inverters built with advanced ASIC technology. They deliver the same quality of power as the mains thereby ensuring the safety of home and office appliances. Genus inverters also possess various modern features which ensure quiet, hassle-free performance for years, and substantially longer battery life.


Powerful backup for high capacity appliances
A much superior alternative to gensets, the high capacity inverters from Genus allow air conditioners and other high load capacity appliances continue to function safely during power cuts.
The Sure Sine Wave Technology, in addition to ASIC (Auto Sense Intelligent Control) ensures total safety of high capacity appliances.


Inverters are manufactured by Luminous Power Technologies, an Indian power and energy storage company with a rapidly expanding global presence. The company manufacturer’s high quality Inverters, UPS, Batteries and Renewable Energy Products. Luminous follows its proprietary UGC (Universal Grid Compatibility) process to ensure consistent and high standard of reliability for all its products.


Overload with Auto Reset.

Battery Deep Discharge protection with Reset option

Short Circuit Protection

Battery reverse polarity protection

Phase Reversal Protection

Miniature Circuit Breaker for Overload and Short Circuit Protection in Mains Mode instead of Cartridge Fuse