Diesel X-Series

10-38 kVA 50 Hz / 9-35 kWe 60 Hz

1.3/2.5/3.3 litre 2/3/4 cylinder

Quieter efficiency.

The X-Series has all the strength and reliability the genset industry has come to expect from the G-Drive range but in a smaller, lighter and more economical package. With direct fuel injection for a cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient performance, a highly compact envelope and extremely low heat rejection, the engines in this series all offers a high degree of installation flexibility.

Diesel C-Series

200-220 kVa 50 Hz / 180-200 kWe 60 Hz

8.3 litre 6 cylinder

Proven technology for reliable power.

Like the B-Series, C-Series engines have established an unrivalled reputation for reliability. Engines in the series incorporate features to reduce maintenance and enhance performance in order to meet the most demanding requirements of generator set operation.

Specification for the C-Series includes everything you would expect from G-Drive’s B-Series but at 8.3 litres and with a six-cylinder envelope the C-Series delivers greater power at standby, prime and base.

Diesel QSK19-Series

600-715 kVA 50 Hz / 500-600 kWe 60 Hz

19 litre 6 cylinder

High performance for tough applications.

Cummins G-Drive QSK19-Series engines.The QSK19 is an in-line 6 cylinder engine with a 19 litre displacement. This Quantum series utilizes sophisticated electronics and premium engineering to provide outstanding performance levels, reliability and versatility for Standby, Prime and Continuous Power applications.

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