A gas generator usually refers to a device, often similar to a solid rocket or a liquid rocket that burns to produce large volumes of relatively cool gas, instead of maximizing the temperature and specific impulse. The low temperature allows the gas to be put to use more easily in many applications, particularly to drive turbines. Gas generators are used to power turbo pumps in rocket motors, to deploy airbags, and in other cases where large volumes of gas are needed, and storing it as a pressurized gas is undesirable or impractical.

Natural gas generators are fueled by natural gas to produce electricity for the household, commercial and industrial needs. They have proved to be a useful backup device for electricity provision when regular supply fails. Given the many advantages of using natural gas as a domestic fuel, more homeowners are opting for natural gas gensets over oil, gasoline or diesel fueled generators. Natural gas is one of the most energy efficient fuels available. It has consistently proved to be reliable for various domestic uses.

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