Uninterrupted Power Supply

Double-conversion and line-interactive industrial and commercial UPS products, which provide voltage regulation, isolation, power conditioning, and no-break sine wave battery backup power. Industrial UPS stand up to harsh electrical environments, and protect against voltage transients, sags, surges, brown-out conditions, and power outages. Commercial UPS fit aesthetically into their environment, and offer the same reliable protection and backup power. UPS are available in 700 VA to 25 kVA single-phase sizes, and have available battery runtimes up to 72 hours.


Uninterrupted Power Supply Gallery


Part of the PGCL has established an enviable reputation based on passion, quality, innovation, reliability and integrity for power protection technology, complete customer satisfaction and confidence unmatched within the industry. Our solutions have to address many different customer applications. With our broad range of technologically advanced power protection products and service solutions, PGCL is best placed to meet the many different application needs and budgets required. As well as ensuring the integrity and reliability of our customer’s business systems, We are also recognizes the need to help our customers reduce their costs and improve their carbon footprint.  Our solutions provide the innovation to uniquely deliver the combined benefits of highest availability, lowest carbon footprint and lowest total cost of ownership.